Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I normally only Crossfit on M-W-F but I looked up the WOD today and it was something I wanted to try!

Ext. warmup was L-Holds.

For me, it just meant heave your butt off the ground and try to pull your feet off the ground too. We did a reverse tabata I think it was called which means hold for 10 seconds, rest for 20, repeat until they say so.

Then the WOD

I didn't quite know where I would be for weights so I warmed up with 5 reps of 53# and 63#. Both were pretty easy so I knew I would need to up the weight quite a bit for the workout.

My weights:
5- 83#, 5- 88#, 3-93#, 3-103#, 1-133#, 1-138#, 1-143#


My partner Angie also rocked out with 143 lbs and the trainer told her that she can definitely do more. He told me, maybe a little more, but her absolutely! Keeping form was key because this is an exercise that can rock your back. I had him check me on my singles and I maintained good form. If anything I need to work on, it's keeping my shoulders back when I start to lift, but my back looked good so I'm happy!

I'm going to try to make it tomorrow like normal but we will see how I feel. It might be my first 4 WOD week!


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