Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty sure they are trying to kill me

First Burpees now running? Ugh.

Warmed up like normal only didn't do my pullups. I was running behind the others and we were ready to get started. Can't say that I'm incredibly sorry about that one.

Extended warmup included back and forth across the box doing high knees (like you are running through tires), high heels (like you are kicking your butt), and side shuffling. Easy enough.

Then we were to run a mile. I wanted to fall to the ground right then and there. I haven't run at all in about 2 months so I knew it would be a struggle. Luckily it was cool outside, a bit windier than I would have liked, but it could have been worse. I had to walk quite a few times which I expected and when I made it back to the gym it was a 12:02 mile. At least I wasn't last (3 others came behind me) and that was about right for when I was training for the half. This can get better. I know that.

Then came the front squats. I scaled it to the 33lb bar and was confident that I could do it. It would be hard, but doable. The first 5 were alright, then the pain started. I did 11 squats with the bar but at that point I could barely hold it. My wrist was giving me piercing pain and I couldn't shake it out. I tried getting the bar in position twice more before I started tearing up. I was so mad. I knew I could do it but my wrist wasn't letting me. The trainer came over and told me to just rest my wrist. I finished up the WOD with 39 air squats to finish in 18:44.

After it was done I was pretty much beaten down. Upset and angry and dissapointed. We talked through it and I am confident that I can get better but I need to continue to stretch my wrist and take it easy on those movements that put it in the painful angles.

I'll be picking up some pre-wrap and tape tomorrow to take with me from now on. Hopefully that helps to stabilize it and give me a bit more support to allow me to do the workouts like I should. For now it's icing as much as possible. (20 minutes on, 10 minutes off) and stretching too.

In other news, there is something in one of our ducts. It sounds like it is in the microwave. Fun right?
The husband today asked me to watch him check the duct (yeah, I've got his back) and sure enough there was enough leaves and sticks in there to build a bird condo. We thought we got everything out and it was empty since we saw the bird fly out when we opened the door. But after settling in to work, we hear it again. Only it doesn't sound like a bird now. It screaches and scratches... Lord help us if it really is some kind of bigger critter. Will keep you posted.

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  1. 1. I laughed because someone's name is Tickle

    2. Good job for not dying! That looks like our Friday, we had to do 600 single unders, 50 pull ups, 50 overhead squats and run 1 mile. THE WORST.


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