Friday, April 20, 2012

Get ripped

Today wraps up my first week of 5-3-1 WODs. I'm glad we ended on something that I know I don't completely suck ass at. Deadlifts.

Since we did deadlifts a week or so ago, I knew what my max was and could actually do the workout using my training max to base it off of. 

1RM (One Rep Max) = 143
Training Max = 125 (this is 90% of 1RM)

1x5 @ 40% (50lbs)
1x5 @ 50% (60lbs- rounded)
1x3 @ 60% (75lbs)

5 @ 65% (80lbs)
5 @ 75% (95lbs)
5+ @ 85% (105lbs)

The last rep for 5+ is to do at minimum 5 lifts at that weight but to keep going for as many as you can do. But not to go all the way to failure because that could compromise your form and you could hurt yourself. Last time I did deadlifts I wasn't gripping the bar correctly so I actually did the hook grip this time. (your thumb is underneath your fingers around the bar) It kind of freaked me out because it's somewhat uncomfortable and when you finish, the blood goes rushing back into your thumb and it feels weird. Plus I think I need to cut my nails, they definitely felt like they were in the way. Anyways, I did my 5 and kept going. I probably could have gone for a couple more but after those 15 my legs were shaking and I felt like I could be stradling that line where my form would go to hell. At that point I think my back was still good though- neither trainer stopped me which they would do if I was falling apart.

Then onto part 2 of the workout. This is what I felt was missing the first 2 days when we were learning the program. Now our M-W-F will be 2 parts with the 5-3-1 and a metcon or tabata of some kind. Today was tabata burpees followed by tabata squats. Tabata is essentially 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Repeat until you are done. So 4 minutes total of each- burpees and squats. The score was based on your LOWEST number for any round. So if you do 20 burpees in 20 seconds and then 5 burpees in 20 seconds, good job but your score would be 5. So the total for your burpees and squats added together and that is what's on the board. I started out actually doing decent burpees. I think I hit 4 or 5 that were legit with jumping and squating and all that jaxx. But then it was just trying to keep moving. My rounds ended up being about 3 burpees every 20 seconds and then 6 squats. So my total was a whopping 9, but I was dripping, legs shaking, and out of breath by the end so I'm happy happy about it.

No more baby hands.

They have started to callous up nicely- not too bad though.

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