Monday, April 23, 2012


Today brings week 2 of Wendler for me. Last of the big lifts is the CG Bench. Luckily I had my max from a workout a few weeks ago so I was set to work.

1RM = 63, TM=56

Warmup: 2x5 (40%, 50%), 1x3 (60% - 33)
Work Sets:
5 @ 65% - 36
5 @ 75% - 43
5+ @ 85% - 48

I did all sets of the warmup with the 33lb bar since 40% and 50% are only 22 and 28 lbs.

After each work set, you also had to do 5 weighted pullups (or scaled for me to banded pullups. I'm still using the 3 bands, but they are getting a little bit easier and I'm able to hit chin over bar every time) For my last set I managed to hit 12 of the 48#. I may have been able to do a couple more, but I could feel my back getting out of wack and didn't want to go to failure and compromise my form. 12 it is.

Then part 2 of the WOD was 50 wall balls for time. Never done a wall ball before and it shows. I got smacked in the head so many times I forgot my name. Not really, but that is what it felt like. After what felt like an hour, I was done. It was actually 4:12. Slowest in the class. S'okay though... gotta start somewhere.

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