Saturday, April 21, 2012


I woke up sore from yesterday but decided to go to the WOD since I wasn't in pain just a good sore. I'm so glad I did. The WOD today wasn't enjoyable by any means but I actually had a good time and felt great about what I did.

It was a countdown from 10-1 where you did a round of each thing 10 times, then 9 times, and so on until you do one of everything. For time of course. To scale for me I did Ring Rows, Box jumps on the 20'' box (holy scary the first few times you do it!) and then sit ups. I finished in 12:17 completely drenched in sweat and out of breath. It was awesome.

Then after the WOD was open gym. I've never gone to open gym before but Mama and Papa York showed up so I decided to stay and time them for their workout. They both did awesome then M.Y asked if I wanted to stay and work with them. Sure, why not. I ended up agreeing to do 100 KB swings. (WHAT?!) I may regret that later as my upper back and shoulders are screaming. and then more box jumps. I was bound and determined to hit the 24'' box. It was all mind over matter for me at that point. I psyched myself up and DID IT! FIVE TIMES!

Called it a day after that but damn! I'm so proud of myself. As I sit here typing this out, drinking my protien recovery drink, my shoulders and back are already letting me know I worked hard. Hopefully just the right amount of hard but we will see later.

Have a great weekend!
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