Tuesday, August 9, 2011


Yesterday might have been the epitome of fail.
Birthday top from in-laws, birthday blazer from Ma, grey pants, wedge heels

I missed the bus in the am by literally 10 seconds. I turned the corner and saw it driving away. Bummer.

Work itself was surprisingly calm after being gone for a week but I had expenses to do since I was oh, about 40 days late on them. No fun but I got them done and they are out of mind.

The real fun started after work when I left absolutely on time! Rode the bus, walked home and reached into my bag. To find that my key was gone! Instant panic.

Long story short, I rode the bus back to work, searched everywhere, called the bus company, checked with security and cleaning people and then sat there in a state of embarrassment. No key. I was screwed. Luckily Penny came to my rescue yet again since I gave her my spare... Or did I?

Turns out, the spare I gave her was actually my key that had fallen off the ring in my bag. (thank God it didn't fall out somewhere else!) and my spare was sitting on my desk in my flat when I walked in the door.

I am a dumb.

Hoping today starts off better.

And it took me 30 minutes to get the massive key on the other keychain so that puppy isn't going anywhere!

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