Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I would walk 500 miles...

Today certainly started off better today than yesterday. I checked a million times that I had my key just because I was paranoid.

I had a bit of self control and declined sugary donuts towards the end of the day. I had been psyching myself up all day for a run. Although, with the rioting in nearby London, and with an arson and a burning car close by me overnight, I wasn't sure it was the best idea. But I was committed and figured one or 2 miles would be fine in the daylight and I would feel better about myself if I did it.

I mapped out a 1.8-2 mile run, laced up my kicks, popped the earbuds in and off I went. About a half mile in I hit a hill. A big one. Sadly, I walked parts of it but I am still happy with myself. Whether I ran or walked those miles, I did them. As I am running along I realize I should have seen my cross street a bit back, but decided to keep going thinking I could find my way back easily.

I would be wrong. I apparently have no internal GPS because I got lost. So lost in fact I ended up running through the Old Road Campus of Oxford and then eventually to the Churchill Hospital Campus. Hitting a dead end I found a footpath and went trail running for about a half mile. Finally came out of the woods and found someone to help with directions. I was headed the right way but still WAY farther than I intended. after needing to ask one more time for directions I hit a main road I was familiar with. When I reached my flat and checked my Nike+ I had clocked 4.31 miles. This is deceiving though because when I walk it underestimates my mileage immensely. I figure it was roughly 5 miles. I can't even recreate it on mapmyrun because I have no clue where I was!

Sweaty sweaty red mess so a shower was absolutely in order and immediately slipped into my CEP socks!
(stay tuned, I have a giveaway for CEP Compression gear later this week!)

No patience for cooking so Chicken Sate from Pink Giraffe and I am now lounging on the couch dreading the way my body will feel tomorrow. 5 miles after not running for over a month? Might as well chop my legs off and chisel my hips away now. Tomorrow will suck. Think sweats and sneakers would be acceptable for work?

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