Friday, August 26, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

It has been WAY! too long since I participated in a FITBF. And since I have had such a lack of posts this week (sickness and laziness are an awesome combo) I thought I would go ahead and throw this one in for good measure. And also because I laughed when I thought about my answer for #2 and that sealed it for me.

1. One of life's most simple pleasures is a sincere and kind smile.

2. Chewing with your mouth open or smacking your gum or food so loudly that ANYONE within a 2 mile radius can hear makes me want to punch someone. (In particular, the person doing said smacking)

3. I like to knit because, it is calming. And because I can- it's not just for grannys!

4. Purple is a funny word.
(But only when said in a French Accent with your BFF!)

5. If I had to choose one beauty product to use for the rest of eternity it would be Oil of Olay moisturizing lotion. Dry skin sucks!
6. I'm happy that I was given and able to accept the awesome summer opportunity here in the UK. It has been awesome.

7. I would never choose Diet Coke over Diet Pepsi. But I would choose Coke over Pepsi in a heartbeat!
 Yeah, that last one was kind of random. Sorry bout that.


  1. pur-pul-uh or shall I say a-lor-(throaty sound)

    Or maybe you prefer...eau d'ami est bon pour vous est-ce que c'est du jus pour les belle persons. Vous pouvais etre belle aussi avec notre eau d'ami
    (umm...btw, we sucked at french then...)

  2. I completely agree about Coke over Pepsi! Pepsi is like the ugly step-sister to Coke!

  3. YES to your last one. Why is regular Coke so superior, but Diet Pepsi is, too??

  4. You can knit??? God, I wish I could knit, sew, cook properly.. I hate that I such a not-at-all talented woman...

    Really beautiful blog you have here! Maybe you could come visit me too sometime..
    Have a nice day!



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