Friday, April 27, 2012

Back to WOD

I ALMOST didn't go to the WOD this morning. Since I flew out of Columbus and had to drive home last night, I was beat and just wanted to sleep in. I snoozed twice and was calling it a day with the option to go to the open gym at 12 today but when the Mr. got up 10 minutes after my last snooze I figured why the heck not, got dressed and away I went.

The WOD wasn't posted before I left and I was dissapointed to see Strict Press instead of Deadlift. (I missed back squat on Wed so I hopefully will be able to make that up tomorrow after the WOD during open gym.

Working off of my 1 rep max that I found last week, I was working with a Training Max of 43 pounds.

Warmup: 2x5, 1x3 (15lbs, 25 lbs, 27 lbs)
3 @ 70% - 30
3 @ 80% - 35
3+ @ 90% - 38  (8)

I had to use the 15lb training bar since my % are less than the chick bar. Good news is that the warmup and first work set were... dare I say, easy? 35 was challenging and the 38 felt great for the first couple lifts and then at 8 I barely completed and was almost to failure so I stopped. I can tell I'm slowly getting stronger. Even my warmup pushups are getting better. I'm still dropping to my knees from the plan start and stop but in general I can tell a difference in the way they feel. Same thing with squats. I'm consistently dropping my depth so now I need to focus on keeping my chest and head up.

After the weights there was a small Metcon - 5min AMRAP of double unders. I knew I wasn't there so I scaled to singles and busted them out. I started with a huge run of 85 before I tripped on the rope. I'm good about staying on my toes but need to work on power so I get higher off the ground. Rope whip still hurts but at least I wore long pants and only whipped myself twice on the arm.

We have a wedding tomorrow but I'm still hoping to make the 10am WOD and my back squats before coming home and getting ready. Rest on Sunday.
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Home again

A work meeting required me to be in Chicago for roughly 28 hours. I missed Wednesday/Thursday  Crossfit and didn't go Tuesday before I left because my knees were bugging me still from the Saturday boxjumps. Unfortunately I didn't get to sightsee (though our office is a building away from the Sears Tower so I can check that off the list) and it was pretty chilly and rainy.

I'll need to plan another trip there soon!
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Monday, April 23, 2012


Today brings week 2 of Wendler for me. Last of the big lifts is the CG Bench. Luckily I had my max from a workout a few weeks ago so I was set to work.

1RM = 63, TM=56

Warmup: 2x5 (40%, 50%), 1x3 (60% - 33)
Work Sets:
5 @ 65% - 36
5 @ 75% - 43
5+ @ 85% - 48

I did all sets of the warmup with the 33lb bar since 40% and 50% are only 22 and 28 lbs.

After each work set, you also had to do 5 weighted pullups (or scaled for me to banded pullups. I'm still using the 3 bands, but they are getting a little bit easier and I'm able to hit chin over bar every time) For my last set I managed to hit 12 of the 48#. I may have been able to do a couple more, but I could feel my back getting out of wack and didn't want to go to failure and compromise my form. 12 it is.

Then part 2 of the WOD was 50 wall balls for time. Never done a wall ball before and it shows. I got smacked in the head so many times I forgot my name. Not really, but that is what it felt like. After what felt like an hour, I was done. It was actually 4:12. Slowest in the class. S'okay though... gotta start somewhere.

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Saturday, April 21, 2012


I woke up sore from yesterday but decided to go to the WOD since I wasn't in pain just a good sore. I'm so glad I did. The WOD today wasn't enjoyable by any means but I actually had a good time and felt great about what I did.

It was a countdown from 10-1 where you did a round of each thing 10 times, then 9 times, and so on until you do one of everything. For time of course. To scale for me I did Ring Rows, Box jumps on the 20'' box (holy scary the first few times you do it!) and then sit ups. I finished in 12:17 completely drenched in sweat and out of breath. It was awesome.

Then after the WOD was open gym. I've never gone to open gym before but Mama and Papa York showed up so I decided to stay and time them for their workout. They both did awesome then M.Y asked if I wanted to stay and work with them. Sure, why not. I ended up agreeing to do 100 KB swings. (WHAT?!) I may regret that later as my upper back and shoulders are screaming. and then more box jumps. I was bound and determined to hit the 24'' box. It was all mind over matter for me at that point. I psyched myself up and DID IT! FIVE TIMES!

Called it a day after that but damn! I'm so proud of myself. As I sit here typing this out, drinking my protien recovery drink, my shoulders and back are already letting me know I worked hard. Hopefully just the right amount of hard but we will see later.

Have a great weekend!
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Friday, April 20, 2012

Get ripped

Today wraps up my first week of 5-3-1 WODs. I'm glad we ended on something that I know I don't completely suck ass at. Deadlifts.

Since we did deadlifts a week or so ago, I knew what my max was and could actually do the workout using my training max to base it off of. 

1RM (One Rep Max) = 143
Training Max = 125 (this is 90% of 1RM)

1x5 @ 40% (50lbs)
1x5 @ 50% (60lbs- rounded)
1x3 @ 60% (75lbs)

5 @ 65% (80lbs)
5 @ 75% (95lbs)
5+ @ 85% (105lbs)

The last rep for 5+ is to do at minimum 5 lifts at that weight but to keep going for as many as you can do. But not to go all the way to failure because that could compromise your form and you could hurt yourself. Last time I did deadlifts I wasn't gripping the bar correctly so I actually did the hook grip this time. (your thumb is underneath your fingers around the bar) It kind of freaked me out because it's somewhat uncomfortable and when you finish, the blood goes rushing back into your thumb and it feels weird. Plus I think I need to cut my nails, they definitely felt like they were in the way. Anyways, I did my 5 and kept going. I probably could have gone for a couple more but after those 15 my legs were shaking and I felt like I could be stradling that line where my form would go to hell. At that point I think my back was still good though- neither trainer stopped me which they would do if I was falling apart.

Then onto part 2 of the workout. This is what I felt was missing the first 2 days when we were learning the program. Now our M-W-F will be 2 parts with the 5-3-1 and a metcon or tabata of some kind. Today was tabata burpees followed by tabata squats. Tabata is essentially 8 rounds of 20 seconds of work and 10 seconds of rest. Repeat until you are done. So 4 minutes total of each- burpees and squats. The score was based on your LOWEST number for any round. So if you do 20 burpees in 20 seconds and then 5 burpees in 20 seconds, good job but your score would be 5. So the total for your burpees and squats added together and that is what's on the board. I started out actually doing decent burpees. I think I hit 4 or 5 that were legit with jumping and squating and all that jaxx. But then it was just trying to keep moving. My rounds ended up being about 3 burpees every 20 seconds and then 6 squats. So my total was a whopping 9, but I was dripping, legs shaking, and out of breath by the end so I'm happy happy about it.

No more baby hands.

They have started to callous up nicely- not too bad though.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012


As big of a high that I was on after hitting my 98# back squat on Monday, I left the box today on as equally a low. The WOD today was a continuation of the 5-3-1 but with Strict Press. I knew my wrist was going to be an issue and it proved me right. Plus I have the upper body strength of an 8 year old... actually maybe a 5 year old. Since the program is based off your max and training max, I again needed to find mine.

One positive was that the bar itself was doable, dare I say easy?, which I think I had the hardest time with that the first week when I started so that has to be an improvement. I went from 33 to 48 and thats where I fell apart. I attempted 53 with a big FAIL, 50 with a big FAIL, and 49 with still a BIG FAIL. So my max for the program right now is 48. I've decided to start taking some small amounts of ibuprofen to see if that helps the inflamation, icing a few times a day at least, and minimal knitting. I only knit 2 rows on Monday and thats it for the week. Sad but true.

I also think I'm going to up my workouts during the week. Since the first few weeks the WODs are not going to be the combo 5-3-1 and Metcon, I feel like I need some endurance WODs to supplement. Depending on how I feel I might go tomorrow and then Friday too. Possibly Friday and Saturday. Either way, I can't sit on my butt all day like I did yesterday. I heard the WOD yesterday was a killer too! Bummed I missed it.

I did come home today and made a spinach, tomato, and cheddar omelette for lunch before work started. It was tasty. But I felt like I could have eaten 4 of them.

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Monday, April 16, 2012

POP a squat

No extended warmup- we are starting a new program. Called the Wendler Method- will explain more in a detailed post to come. But basically it is designed to make you stronger and focuses on the "big lifts" (squats, press, deadlift, CG Bench)

We started today with back squats. We all know how much I loathe the squat because my depth sucks. Surprise surprise, today I actually did pretty well! The program is based off of your training max (which is 90% of your 1 rep max) so I worked today to find my 1 rep max. And that stupid medicine ball was under me the whole time and I tapped my hiney on it almost every time- PROGRESS! I worked my way up from the 33lb bar all the way up to 98lbs.

Shocked the hell out of me. And I'm only going to get stronger from here.
Hopefully I'll end up with some sweet biceps and definition too like my girl Brit.

All in all it was a nice change of pace for a Monday and definitely not as ridiculously brutal as that Partner WOD from last thursday. We were STILL talking about that one today- so much pain.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Pink Moon

I'm still knitting, even though it only seems like I am doing nothing but Crossfit these days.

To be completely honest though, the wrist pain hasn't gotten much better and it doesn't seem like knitting has been helping. But I'm a trooper and will keep on keepin on. (lots of stretching, but it doesn't really help from what I can tell. Still painful.)

Anyways, Mindy's latest design in the Moon Series for April is the Pink Moon.

From the Farmers Almanac:
Full Pink Moon – April This name came from the herb moss pink, or wild ground phlox, which is one of the earliest widespread flowers

I finished it a bit late, a couple of days after the full moon, but it has been transformed with the magic of blocking. I chose my favorite-Malabrigo Sock-to knit with in the colors Ochre and Natural.

(On sale for 50% off until April 16, 2012)

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Partner up!

I ended up skipping yesterday because of soreness and Brit convinced me to not overdo it.

I almost wish I would have so that I would not have had to endure the pain of today.


Today's WOD was a partner workout where you have the list of exercises and you work together to chip away at it. The catch it that only one person can work at a time and while they are working, the other person gets to run for 400m. Not one part of this workout was fun.

So between the 2 of us, we needed to complete

200 Kettlebell Swings
150 Thrusters
100 Burpees
50 Toes to Bar

Oh yeah, and there was a time cap of 35 minutes.

Scott started the run first leaving me to start swinging away with the kettlebell. I managed to eek out 40 by the time he got back from his run and I set out for my first of way too many 400m runs. I think it took 2 rotations to complete the KBS and then on to the thrusters. I tried doing them Rx with the 33lb bar but of course the wrist wasn't having it. Since there is only one training bar, Sen took apart another piece of equipment and gave me a bar that was better suited to a backyard brawl than a workout. But it was heavier than PVC and okay on my wrist. Didn't matter much anyway since my goal with any squat exercise is depth. On to burpees. Oh Lord, I hate burpees. I was pretty much a pile of goo trying to do these. Scott was such a trooper though- he was definitely taking a lot of the brunt of the work because I was a slower runner. But getting through them and on to T2B. We scaled it for me to abmat situps. I don't think our final count is right though because I completed 16 before I set out for my last run and I know Scott did some too. So I think our final count is higher than 465 but that's what is on the board. I was still running when time was up so I don't know quite how we ended.

Overall this workout was completely brutal.
A shock to the system and really a push on endurance and strength.

Better luck next time!

Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I normally only Crossfit on M-W-F but I looked up the WOD today and it was something I wanted to try!

Ext. warmup was L-Holds.

For me, it just meant heave your butt off the ground and try to pull your feet off the ground too. We did a reverse tabata I think it was called which means hold for 10 seconds, rest for 20, repeat until they say so.

Then the WOD

I didn't quite know where I would be for weights so I warmed up with 5 reps of 53# and 63#. Both were pretty easy so I knew I would need to up the weight quite a bit for the workout.

My weights:
5- 83#, 5- 88#, 3-93#, 3-103#, 1-133#, 1-138#, 1-143#


My partner Angie also rocked out with 143 lbs and the trainer told her that she can definitely do more. He told me, maybe a little more, but her absolutely! Keeping form was key because this is an exercise that can rock your back. I had him check me on my singles and I maintained good form. If anything I need to work on, it's keeping my shoulders back when I start to lift, but my back looked good so I'm happy!

I'm going to try to make it tomorrow like normal but we will see how I feel. It might be my first 4 WOD week!


Monday, April 9, 2012

Whip it

I'm pretty sure the last time I jumproped was in the 3rd grade.

Fortunately for me it came back pretty naturally, except for the double unders. OUCH!

Ext Warmup: 10 min of Skill work (I chose to work on attempting a double under... notsomuch)

5 Rounds for Time-
35 Double Unders (100 Singles)
200m Run

I stuck with singles since my shins had already taken a beating from the ext. warmup. I finished in 13:45, 3rd to last. I would get on a run and whip out 45 singles and then my brain stopped functioning and I could barely get 4 in a row. All in all, this WOD wasn't completely awful. Except the running. Man, I really need some endurance.

I'd take a photo of my shins but in all honesty, they were much more impressive right after being whipped, the welts have settled in now so that they look reminiscent of light poison ivy. It's all good though.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Weekend 2012

I took 356 pictures this weekend.
Just what I needed to start learning more about my new camera.
I'm in love and can't wait to capture more beautiful moments!

* All photos shot with Canon T2i DSLR camera, 50mm 1.8 lens
** No editing done, all staight out of the camera

Friday, April 6, 2012


My wimpy little 62 is up there against all the rock star 5am Crossfitters and yet I'm super happy about it.

Extended Warm Up- No running (Thank You Jesus!!!)
3 rounds of:
5 HSPU (Handstand Push Ups)
10 Burpees
15 Squats

Obviously, I can't handle my own body weight so the HSPU were scaled to Hand Release Push Ups. We all know how I feel about Burpees and Squats too so this "warm up" made me want to pack my bags and head to the islands forever. It is bad enough to do 10 burpees, but 30?! Shoot me.

The WOD today involved weights and I was excited about it. I worked in a group of 3 and the 2 ladies I was with were 1. SUPER Nice and 2. ROCKSTARS!

Close Grip Bench

(This means 5 reps, 5 reps, 3 reps... etc.)

The ladies had already started while I was finishing my warmup and they set me up with 38lbs. I honestly thought that was going to be too much. But it wasn't! I progressively added a little bit more weight until we were finished.

My stats-
5- 38#, 5-43#, 3-53#, 3-58#, 1-58#, 1-60#, 1-63#

So while I may be 42 pounds less than the next bench weight, I'm feeling good about it. It was 25 pounds more than I sat down thinking that I could do.

And unfortunately, I walked into the box today and saw my name on the burpee list. I forgot to put my med ball back on Wednesday (I remembered on the drive home) and if I knew that would mean I had a 20 burpee punishment I would have driven back! Post WOD I did my 20 burpees and wiped my name off the list. I'll never forget to put my stuff away again!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Deep Squats

Damn you Blogger. Deleted my whole post.

I couldn't make it to my normal AM class because of an early work meeting so I decided I would go to the 530 class instead to keep with my schedule of 3 WOD a week. I made the mistake of checking the WOD this afternoon so I spent the next 5 hours DREADING going. If it wasn't for Brit. I probably would have bailed.

After the normal warmup, I went out to run my mile. 12 Minutes later I was back in the gym. Combination of running and walking. Makes me wonder how I ever ran the 13.1 just 18 months ago. Just goes to show what doing nothing will do to your endurance...

After the run we were supposed to do "Goat work." Your goat is your weakness. Things that you struggle with, don't enjoy, or need help with. Since I am new this means pretty much everything. I decided to do my banded pullups since I backed out of them on Monday. Then my enemy- squats. I grabbed a PVC pipe so Jen could check my form. Of course her first comment was GO DEEPER!

This set me up for my WOD modifications.

The WOD today was AMRAP (As many reps as possible)
8 minutes
8 overhead squats (95#/65#)
8 Toes to Bar

Instead of using a bar, I used a PVC pipe and Jen set me up with a medicine ball on the ground. My task was to overhead squat and my butt had to hit the ball. EVERY. TIME. Then instead of T2B, I did AbMat Situps.

I managed to squeeze out 6 full rounds and 7 squats. I wish I could say that I did it without stopping. My legs were burning but every single squat I did had my butt print on that ball. Full range of motion- I will get there.

Post workout Jen showed me how to foam roll and I rolled my IT Band, Hamstrings, Quads, etc. I KNOW I will be feeling those squats tomorrow. And I'll be loving every aching minute of it.

On a positive note, I picked up some tape and pre-wrap yesterday. Using it today I was almost pain free. Granted I didn't do a lot of activity with my wrist, but even putting my hand on my hip during breaks didn't cause the shooting pain that it has over the last week. I'm hopeful this is a step in the right direction in terms of wrist support.

Now excuse me while I go eat my weight in chicken. I'M STARVING!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty sure they are trying to kill me

First Burpees now running? Ugh.

Warmed up like normal only didn't do my pullups. I was running behind the others and we were ready to get started. Can't say that I'm incredibly sorry about that one.

Extended warmup included back and forth across the box doing high knees (like you are running through tires), high heels (like you are kicking your butt), and side shuffling. Easy enough.

Then we were to run a mile. I wanted to fall to the ground right then and there. I haven't run at all in about 2 months so I knew it would be a struggle. Luckily it was cool outside, a bit windier than I would have liked, but it could have been worse. I had to walk quite a few times which I expected and when I made it back to the gym it was a 12:02 mile. At least I wasn't last (3 others came behind me) and that was about right for when I was training for the half. This can get better. I know that.

Then came the front squats. I scaled it to the 33lb bar and was confident that I could do it. It would be hard, but doable. The first 5 were alright, then the pain started. I did 11 squats with the bar but at that point I could barely hold it. My wrist was giving me piercing pain and I couldn't shake it out. I tried getting the bar in position twice more before I started tearing up. I was so mad. I knew I could do it but my wrist wasn't letting me. The trainer came over and told me to just rest my wrist. I finished up the WOD with 39 air squats to finish in 18:44.

After it was done I was pretty much beaten down. Upset and angry and dissapointed. We talked through it and I am confident that I can get better but I need to continue to stretch my wrist and take it easy on those movements that put it in the painful angles.

I'll be picking up some pre-wrap and tape tomorrow to take with me from now on. Hopefully that helps to stabilize it and give me a bit more support to allow me to do the workouts like I should. For now it's icing as much as possible. (20 minutes on, 10 minutes off) and stretching too.

In other news, there is something in one of our ducts. It sounds like it is in the microwave. Fun right?
The husband today asked me to watch him check the duct (yeah, I've got his back) and sure enough there was enough leaves and sticks in there to build a bird condo. We thought we got everything out and it was empty since we saw the bird fly out when we opened the door. But after settling in to work, we hear it again. Only it doesn't sound like a bird now. It screaches and scratches... Lord help us if it really is some kind of bigger critter. Will keep you posted.

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