Tuesday, February 8, 2011


So I have thought of at least a handful of things that I would blog about today but I had to stop myself and think- Why on earth would I blog that?

I thought about the Twinkie I had for a snack today- and how I thought it was funny that the Mr. and I saw a tv show Friday night on the travel channel that showed the factory where they made Twinkies and all of a sudden we decided we just had to have them. Honestly though, it wasn't as good as I remember them. Although it did take me back.

Then I thought about the beautiful sunset Friday night that we saw on the way to dinner. I could literally see the individuals rays shining between the clouds. It took my breath away.

Then perhaps I would blog about the newest shawl I am working on. It's completely stunning and I am in love with it. So much so that in only 2 days I have quite a bit done and it could be ready for blocking this weekend. It's an amazing golden color and the pattern is delightfully challenging and gorgeous.

I've hit a roadblock and I'm only 8 days in to this 28 days of blogging. Now perhaps I'm just having one of those weeks and blogging for the sake of blogging is just irritating or maybe I've got to rethink the focus and what I want to do. Either way, it just keeps flashing the question "WHY" in front of me.

Hopefully I will figure it out soon.

Why do you blog?


  1. Umm....I would totally be down for reading about those things! And I always love seeing the picks of your projects so you could post that! For that matter....go ahead and post a picture of the Twinkie - that's right up my alley too! haha

  2. I had that question yesterday,... I didn't blog.

  3. John and I watched something on Hostess (I think it was that show Unwrapped) while I was pregnant and I HAD to go get a fruit pie and twinkies, LOL! Food Network was dangerous while I was pregnant. And really, I would have liked to read a blog about any of those things. To answer your question, I blog for me. If there is something in my mind that I want to write about it, I do it. I don't care if anyone else finds it interesting, lol.


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