Monday, February 28, 2011

Challenge Complete!

I have survived the 28 days of blogging! Yes, that's right my friends- I have clogged your feed readers with my ramblings every single day this month.

It was a busy busy day for this gal. Lack of sleep from the monsoon that woke me up twice certainly didn't make the day any easier.

Work (duh)
Wig busted
Eyebrows tamed (holy desperate! They were literally growing in a straight line across my forehead.)
Bills Paid
Last knit night at Lambikins- I'm super sad right now have no fear, knit night will go on.

And of course, since I am wrapping up the month of February, I might as well have started a new project right?! Of course! This beautiful skein of yarn named Spice Trader, dyed by Mindy, will become a Haruni by Emily Moss. Nothing like a little enabling at knit night to get a new project started right! Mindy will be doing the same only in a lovely regal purple and she is adding beads- she is teaching a class in a few weeks. Since I pretty much have to knit whatever Mindy does because she picks the best patterns, of course I had to choose this one.

Ewe3 Rosalind- Spice Trader

I seriously think I might be obsessed with Shawls/Shawlettes- I've definitely caught the bug. I tie them around my neck and I think they are just the most awesome accessory! (I wore my Damask today, see above) This will be my 7th shawl in the last 7 months. I'm pretty sure that diagnoses me.

Here is a gorgeous Haruni all spread out looking lovely:
By SmokingHotNeedles

By RainMommy - This is more how I would wear it.
I've got it all set up and almost finished with the first repeat of the first chart. Seems like a pretty straightforward pattern thus far- Should make for great travel knitting!


  1. Precioso, maravilloso y divino!!!
    Saludos desde España

  2. oh no?? why no more knit night??

  3. Oooh pretty!

    And your hair looks fabulous in that picture!


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