Monday, February 21, 2011

Starting Over Sucks

I was poised this morning to have an AWESOME! SPECTACULAR! Super fantastic run today. (Despite the fact it has been raining cats and dogs all day- dreadmill here I come)

Yay! Running! SO! MUCH! FUN!
 And yet I returned home after an embarrassing 1.2 miles with my head hung in shame.

I take back all those !!! from this morning. Running is not so much fun.
Once again, the running gods have picked me up and thrown me against the wall. This process is painful, and not fun all the time. I was reading back through my archives from training and I want to feel those highs again. Looks like I'll be starting back at square one. I'm going back to my trusted Couch to 5k. And yes, I'll be starting at Day 1- even though in my mind that is going back to far. I'm going back- and I'm going to run faster.

Thinking that not running consistently for a few months would have no effect on my starting point was just flat out stupid.

Today: Epic Fail. But I'll try again.


  1. Oh Darlin', I totally know how you feel. Going back to basics is tough, but it can be a great lesson learned. Unfortunately, I have learned it a few times over. Just keep keepin' on :)

  2. bummer, but good for you for trying! you'll get it back. i love that headband thing... whatever you runner's call it!


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