Friday, February 11, 2011

Fill in the Blank

I decided to link up over at The Little Things We Do for this week's Fill in the Blank Friday so if you are hopping over from there- Welcome!

1.   The TV show/website that I watch/read that I would be embarrassed to tell anyone about is       Considering I watch a whole bunch of TV and am pretty vocal about it, there isn't much I'm embarrassed to say I watch. Unless maybe I'd count Toddlers and Tiaras. I simply can't help myself. It's a trainwreck and I can't stop watching.

2.  An item of clothing that is worn and torn but that I love far to much to throw away is    the jeans I bought for my bachelorette party. I wore them so much that I snapped one of the belt loops on a fat day pulling them on but still wore them for a while. I haven't worn them in a few months since I found new jeans at NY&Co.

3.  My grocery store impulse buy is       vegetables. I have such high hopes when I buy that bag of carrots and lettuce yet I end up throwing them away when they go bad. I need to eat more veggies and I have good intentions but the bag of chips always wins out against the veggies.

4.  Something I do at work to pass time that I wouldn't want my co-workers to know about is   I don't do anything at the office that I wouldn't want people to know about.

5.  One thing in my life that I could give up, but never will is     I'll have to defer to the original post here on this one. It is possible, highly improbbable, but possible that I could give up social networking- blogs, twitter, facebook, etc. but never ever would.

6.  A little indulgence that I have is        sweets. Ice cream, chocolate, cake. Sometimes you just want a cupcake ya know? (see also, Twinkie reference from earlier this week) .

7.  The junk drawer/area in my house is       in the kitchen, and full. Full of random crap, coupons, keys, cards, tools, and who knows what else .


  1. 1 - Toddlers and Tiaras is horrifying! I can barely watch the commercials without cringing!

    2 - I have totally ripped one of my belt loops trying to pull my pants up too! haha

    Have a good weekend!

  2. My husband always get mad at me because I buy veggies/fruit and always end up throwing away at least 1/2. Totally understand that!


    {There's a giveaway going on over at my blog love to see you there!}


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