Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Snotorious B.I.G '11

So everyone else seems to be commenting on the weather situation that is just crushing the midwest, actually 1/3 of the US right now.

Of course, Cinci is no different.

Now, I won't tell you about the layer of ice that is covering our Roof and Christmas Lights... that would mean admitting that our Christmas Lights are still up... and it is now February.

However, I will mention that I did venture outside once on Tuesday and almost went ass over elbows in a lame effort to collect the mail. Our driveway has been replaced by an ice luge that would have sent me shooting through the caul-de-sac faster than Clark Griswold and his non-caloric silicon based kitchen lubricant buffed saucer.


There wasn't anything but junk mail in there anyway- so not worth the risk.

What holiday movie keeps you laughing every single year?


  1. Haha, I did the same thing today for the mail- totally not worth it, cause it was all junk. It even started blowing down the road & I chased after it for a minute. Also, we still have our lights up. Shh, don't tell, we're those people.

  2. Our lights are still up too. I keep telling myself I'm just waiting for a warmer day... which I'm hoping comes by June!

  3. Don't worry, our lights are stil up too :-) And we don't have the excuse of it being too cold to take them down! John's just been busy working on a test for a new job but I may start being a nagging wife if he doesn't take them down this weekend.

    LMAO about the Christmas Vacation reference!


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