Tuesday, February 1, 2011


So my friend Mandy over at Big City! Baby has issued a challenge. For herself and for others that would like to join. Now I wavered back and forth on this- do I accept the challenge full on or with limitations? I'm still mulling it over myself.

Well I bet you are wondering what the challenge is- Since February is the shortest month in the year, she thought she would use the 28 days to blog more. As in 28 full days of blogging. Now we all know that I am severely lacking in on time and consistent content around these parts so I thought sure- I can take that challenge!

But wait...

That means blogging on the weekends too???

Well, once I read further into it that a post can be whatever we want it to be- A long one, a couple sentences, a photo, etc. So long as we are making a conscious effort to spend some time each day.

Well then Mandy- I suppose I accept your challenge!

Though I make no promises there won't be plenty of fluff to take up space and time...

Gratuitious Fat-head.... I mean Cat-head shot of the day

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