Monday, April 26, 2010


They seem to get shorter and shorter don't they?

Perhaps they are flying by even quicker considering they are the only time I've gotten to see the Mr. for the last 3 weeks. Work travel stinks. But at least we were still semi-productive this weekend.

First up- WE DID IT! WE BOUGHT A COUCH! (Yes it is the same couch we were looking at last month but just never went and bought it. Stupid, I know. But what matters now is it is done!)

Here's the pic from the website but in reality the couch is a much darker brown leather. (Did I say leather?! YES! I did!)

We got the configuration above. changing 3 things. Take out the little cup holder thingie on the left side, remove the armless chair next to it, then put the armless chair where the recliner on the right is. Essentially it is Recliner, corner, armless chair, chaise lounge. It is going to fit perfectly in the room, look great with the dark furniture, and it's super duper comfy! Too bad we have to wait until June for it to come in :(

ETA: Found a picture that better represents the color (click any pictures for a larger view):

We did a little bit of shopping and the rest of the time was spent at home. I was itching to get into my sewing machine. I did sew 1 pillow but I bought the wrong zipper foot so that proved to be a hot mess. They are on hold till I can find the right one that goes with my machine. So I set off to make a quilt instead! My first real quilt! and it didn't take too long at all. The hardest part was placing the blocks in a way that I liked them. I even had the Mr. subbing and flipping blocks so I could make changes from far away. All that is left is the binding and the backing.

No batik patterns are "touching" each other. Diagonal was okay, but not touching. I'm a weirdo like that. I really enjoyed this pattern and will definitely be making it again. And only 6 fat quarters were needed for the top so it's a very cost effective project as well!


  1. Love the couch and the quilt! My Mom made a quilt for Baby Z and it's my favorite gift from the shower.

  2. That's not weird! When I quilt, similar patters SOOO cannot touch each other. And kudos for getting a helper! I'm so running to the other side of the room to see if I like the way I put it together.

    Fellow old lady in training


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