Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to work

OY, This morning did not work out as I had planned. I had high expectations, setting my alarm for 5:30 and final alarm for 6 so that I could get up and shred and then shower and be on my merry way to work. Well, the 5:30 went off- I shut that down. 6 went off, snoooooze, 6:15 came and went... snooooze. until finally I said whatever and slept till my normal 7:00 time.

Where is my motivation? Apparently it loves snuggling under goosedown comforters at 6:30am with me.

I did go back out yesterday and ran around the block. If I'm being honest it was run walk walk walk run walk run. But I did it. and I'm happy with that.

I'll shred when I get home- and maybe a stroll around the block. I figure it doesn't matter so much how hard I'm throwing my body to the pavement this first week, what matters if that I haul my arse off the couch away from reality tv and get some fresh air and move my body.

I did manage to pack my lunch last night- hooray!

I'm currently eating my apple and peanut butter (with a side of Bear Naked granola for good measure) and I'll be enjoying a turkey sandwich, grapes, pretzels for lunch followed with a snack of 2 Cuties around 4ish.

I may attempt the BLT pasta tonight. We will see how adventurous I feel later.

Ah well. Back to work I go.

Vacation countdown- 22 days. I can lose 22 lbs right? (nah, I keeed. I'd be happy with 20!)

Okay really. Let's try for 10.

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