Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Home away from home

Seriously- I've been at Lambikins Saturday, Sunday, Monday, and I'll probably go back today because I realise now that I need to get another ball of Cool Wool yarn for the new project I'm working in. My gauge is smaller than the pattern showed so I'm making 2 sizes larger in order to get the actual size I need. I tell you what, knitting is fun. But it can be complicated. Involving lots of math and numbers and conversions. Luckily, that's what I have Christina and Donna for. They do all the hard stuff for me and then tell me what numbers to use.

So hopefully, if all goes well, I will end up with a fabulous Springy/Summery cardigan that looks similar to this:

But after looking through Ravelry projects I'm absolutely loving the v-neck version. So I think I may adjust and modify to this:

Just a cute cardi that will work for the office with some nice slacks or skirt and can also go great with jeans!
The color i've chosen is a brown/taupe-y cotton and wool blend. Similar to the top picture.
Wish me luck that I can whip through this in time to wear this season!

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  1. That pink sweater is incredible. ((reaches into computer screen to take it ... cracks screen ... sunovabitch ...))


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