Thursday, April 29, 2010

A New Skill

I am participating in knit & crochet blog week, sponsored by Mimi at

Is there a skill related to your hobby that you hope to learn one day? maybe you’re a crocheter who’d also like to knit? Maybe you’d like to learn to knit continental, knit backwards, try cables or attempt stranded colourwork.

Well, considering that I started out as a crocheter and became enamored with knit, I'd say I'm good in that venue. In terms of knitting, I don't fear much. I see cables, lace, colorwork, felting, etc. and I think to myself- hey! I can do that! I'm pretty self sufficient when it comes to learning as well. Give me a book or a few pictures or an online tutorial and set me on my way. I would love to be able to learn continental style and be comfortable knitting an entire garment or project in it. And entrelec. I've never done entrelec before and seeing Genevieve start a blanket the other day in this technique has intrigued me.

Or maybe I'd love to be able to have enough self control to only start a new project when I've finished another one, or buy new yarn when I've used my stash and need a new project. that's a skill right?

but let's be honest here. That will NEVER happen!

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  1. I'm not sure if I'll be at Knit Night tonight. I'm a pollworker for tomorrow's primary election, and have to go to a meeting for it at 6:30 tonight. But I might need to pop down and get another ball of purple Encore to make it through knitting that blanket allllll day tomorrow. If I can come by, you can see how the entrelac is going now that I'm well into it. It's nice and easy.

    Only start a new project when one gets finished? That's funny.


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