Monday, April 19, 2010

Fabric Monster

So Christina over at Lambikins Hideaway had a spring cleaning event this weekend. Of course she tried to get me in trouble by expanding my stash! But luckily I was good- for the most part.

I managed to only buy 4 skeins of yarn, a pack of velcro, 8 fat quarters, and another 1.5 yds of fabric... on the first day.

But then I had to go back on Sunday. And of course, my wallet magically opened up and more stuff made it into my bag. 4 more fat quarters, 2 yds of tear-ease so I could transfer a few patterns, 2 yds of lightweight interfacing, 4 balls of Sundance cotton, oh and 7 skeins of Cool Wool for a new springy/summer cardigan thing I'm apparently making. Like I don't have enough projects already? But we all know I'm ADD when it comes to projects so of course I was happy to take it on.

So I got home last night and set up a cutting station for myself. I didn't end up cutting as much as I wanted but I did cut 3 more blocks for my block of the month quilt, the pillow fabric, and the wallie pattern on Tear Ease. I was slightly distracted by Jacob Black's inability to keep a shirt on to keep going. (Yes, I set up the station in front of the TV- Duh!)

So I suppose ya'll want to see the fabric goods right???

My lovely little cutting station:

Damage from Spring Cleaning sale... (all except the black star fabric- that's quilt block fabric!)

Awesome Amy Butler August Fields Home Decor fabric. 30% off!
These will become pillow covers for the living room. I love them!

Fat Quarter awesomeness. I have plans for these guys :)

Wonderful Batik fabrics that will become a "Yellow Brick Road" Quilt

I'll share the yarn goods later this week!
Happy Monday ya'll!
Ahem, Steph- I'm one of the RESTRAINED ones! It was hard but there was self control you have no idea! I saw multiple people buying literally hundreds of yards of fabric and bags and bags of yarn. It's an illness but it comes with the territory and we are all in support of each other in the fiber and fabric community :) Deals like this make us go crazy. (I mean seriously 30% off EVERYTHING and even more on other things!)
And let's not forget that Lambikins is my happy place- of course I need to bring some more happy home with me every now and then!


  1. That store probably sees you coming from a mile away!! Hehehe. Fun!

  2. LOVE the fabric! We got a cube bookcase from Target this weekend for Baby Z's room and I want to get some cool fabric to cover the crappy wood laminate backs on half of the cubes. I need to do some fabric shopping.

  3. 1) I LOVE buying fabric. Sooo much fun.

    2) I am _insanely_ jealous of your work station. Having a hobby as messy as jewelry (or quilting) in a one-bedroom apartment is kind of like craft hell.


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