Thursday, April 29, 2010


That's what I need.

I'm taking a break from knicroblo week for the day. I'll catch up soon though, I promise.

I'm just breaking down. I think I'm terribly stressed (though I don't FEEL incredibly stressed) and it's wearing me down. My body is revolting on me. I've had an eye twitch since yesterday around 10:30am. Thought perhaps a good night's sleep would help. But what do you know, I wake up and it's twitching.

I just need to take deep breaths and remember that only 2 more days of work then off for a week for vacation. But then that adds whole new levels of stress imagining myself in a bathing suit frying under the Nevada sun. I'll get over it. I swear.

But take a few deep breaths for me and send some zen my way.

The next 2 days are pretty stressful and if i can survive I'll definitely be enjoying that sweet sweet reward of rest and relaxation next week.

1 comment:

  1. vegas will be great. the girls and i had a blast last week. i know packing and everything gets stressful but you'll be okay. it wasn't too hot while we were there, so you most likely won't fry next week... even high-80s in the desert feels wonderful. one less thing to worry about. ;)


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