Wednesday, April 21, 2010


I had a lovely night of knitting last night. I just can't even tell you how relaxing it is to just plop down on the couch with my needles and yarn and just have no cares in the world. The back of the cardigan is progressing nicely. I'm about 7 inches in. But it's all stockinette stitch so it can be painfully boring. Luckily I only have a couple more inches and I can get into the lace. At this rate I may have it done by June! Wouldn't that be exciting? I would share photos but it's just plain boring knitting right now and nothing too intriguing so I'll leave you in suspense.

And can I mention how totally awesome Glee is? I just can't get enough of that show. I thought last night's Madonna episode was just brilliant. I almost wasn't singing along. Almost. I'm so glad Glee is back for a while. I can't take another really long hiatus!

I did buy buttons for my super secret project so hopefully I can get that completely sewn together and cross that officially off my list!

But I just can't tell yet!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll!


  1. I agree...there is nothing more relaxing than sitting on the couch with your knitting needles! Can't wait to see your sweater!

    And I also agree on Glee, last night was brilliant! I want to download all the songs off iTunes. I heart Sue!

  2. I'm gonna be sacrilege -- their cover of "For a Girl" was soooooo much better than the original.


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