Friday, April 16, 2010

I haz a hotdog!

So that moodiness continued for most of the day yesterday. Especially considering I walked in the door at approx 7:00pm. But alas, we will chalk it up to a bad day. Though I still have questions. And I hope to get answers.

But on a lighter note Today is friday!

And guess what- I got my hotdog! Remember me mentioning Jaclyn and her brother Joey?

Well, I had to have one of these adorable necklaces for a good cause. Jaclyn has raised over $100 for Autism Speaks this month so far and she is still ready for more! 25% of all purchases from her etsy shop during the month of April will be donated to Autism Speaks. And $5 from every Joey's hot dog goes right to Autism Speaks as well!

Not a hot dog person? Check her shop out anyway for some beautiful jewelry and help support a great cause. Click my photo above to go directly to Jaclyn's Joey's Hot Dog section- and take a look around the shop!

(And that hotdog, totally put a smile on my face even after a terrible horrible no good very bad day. Thank you Jacy! I picked red because I wear quite a bit of red... and I like ketchup on my hotdogs. and relish- but there was no green bead option :) )

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  1. You've made me beam, luv. My absolute pleasure. :) Hope your weekend goes better!!


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