Friday, April 2, 2010

Bags Wallets and Sunshine!

So yesterday was productive if you consider I made (and finished!) a few things. I know I said I wanted to go outside but I got close. My Mama wants to trade sewing machines because she claims hers doens't work (I think it's just because she has a brand new one and I have the circa 1990's machine and she is scared of new technology :) ) Alas, I spent yesterday sewing. And what do you know, the machine is fine. Looks like I'm getting a new sewing machine. I can't say no to Mama- and she wants my machine!

Anywho, I opened all the windows and screen door and set up the machine. I sat listening to the birds and feeling the wind all day. And while doing that I whipped up these 2 little gifts for Mariah's Birthday.

It's a little Ditty Bag. 2 handles that are 2 lengths and they slip into each other to make for cute forearm carrying! It was my first time using the pattern and it was easy and turned out adorable! I found a cute purple and white diamond print for the bag and fun apple dot print for the lining.

and another Wallie. I realise I haven't shared the first one I made but I will eventually. Anyway, this cute Wallie has 3 pockets for cards, change, etc. It even fits a phone or a deck of cards!

Oh and what is that?!?!

It's my socks!!!! My first ever PAIR of socks! and they are finished! and they fit! and I'm so excited to be a cool kid like Mindy and Hallie who wear their handknit socks all the time! YAYAYAYAYA!!!!!!!

Yes, I realise I'm excited about socks. But seriously, I started those babies on August 10, 2009. And they are completely wearable now. This is a big deal!

Happy Easter Weekend to you all!


  1. You are so talented! LOVE the bag and wallie. Really...when are you going to start an Etsy shop?! You need to share these talents!

    And congrats on the socks! John asked me the other day when I'm going to do stuff like gloves and socks but I'm scared :-)

  2. I remember the thrill of knitting my first pair of socks. Isn't it the most fulfilling thing ever?! Congrats they are awesome!!!

  3. I second that to put stuff up on Etsy!!! I wanna buy one of those purses!!

    Love the socks!!

  4. I LOVE that wallet, hun. So pretty! And yes, Etsy rocks ;)

  5. Wow those projects are amazing!! Cangrats on finishing the socks, I don't think I have ever finished a blanket let alone something as complex as a pair of socks lol

    And the wallie, how cute!! I need to make something like that for my essentials to toss in the diaper bag, it looks a bit complex though!


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