Monday, August 2, 2010

Wedding Weekend

Was there even a weekend? You'd never know it the way it went by so quickly!

Friday night was spent running (a bust, again... but I did run my best mile time ever! 11:30... but then I fell apart and walked for 20 minutes, logging 2 miles and feeling pretty dissapointed) then rushing home to shower and change to head over to Jay and Jenny's for a cookout. After calling it a fairly early night, we headed home to chill out and prepare for the rest of the weekend.

Saturday was an IKEA day again, I had picked up the final piece of the entertainment center and Mr. Buckeye was up and at it early putting everything together. I have to say, it makes a huge statement and the room looks way more awesome- if that is even possible.

After he was done playing Bob the Builder, we headed up to CBus for T-rav and Kristen's wedding. Luckily Mother Nature played nice and the rain stopped and the skys cleared for them to wed at the Amphitheater by Mirror Lake. It was so excellent to be back on campus. The wedding was beautiful (they wrote their own vows!) and it was great to see friends again.

Sunday was recovery day as we headed back to Cinci. We were exhausted! Getting home at 3am definitely takes it out of us these days! But we headed over to visit my dad and family for dinner and mini-birthday celebration. I got the most awesome under-armour running shirt (fits like a glove! can't wait to run in it!- though the shorts are a wee tight so I'll be exchanging them) new socks, and an aluminum BPA water bottle. I filled the water bottle up 3 times already today? The only complaint on that is it sweats like crazy if I put ice in it... so just cold water will do.

I'm currently charging my Nike Sportband so I can head out to the track for my first outdoor run! Today begins mileage training. It's all game on from here!

Schedule this week:
Monday: 3
Wednesday: 4
Thursday: 3
Saturday: 5

I'm pretty much going to start at the track so that I know my actual mileage while I'm still figuring out the sportband and just make sure I log my miles. Whether it is running, walking, jogging, or a combination of all 3. As long as I get my mileage in for the day it is going to be a win. Screw trying to be the fastest runner out there because I know it's not realistic. I'm running and I may be slow. But I'm doing it.

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