Monday, August 9, 2010

Monday Already?

What a weekend! Some shopping (too! much! shopping!) some knitting, some friend time, some kick butt running, some relaxation, some basement progress... man I'm exhausted just thinking about it!

Friday started off with work, obviously. And ended with us going to look at a new dryer. If we run our dryer it sounds like we are in a horror movie- think the shower scene from Psycho... only turn the decibles up a few notches and throw it on fast forward. It's time for a new one. It was a bit late though so we decided to wait till Sunday to make the final decision.

Saturday was a me day. Mr Buckeye headed up north for a post-wedding bachelor party. (Wrap your head around that one!) and I went out to the track to tackle my first long distance run. I pretty much set myself up to not have a great run. I waited till 11am when the sun was shining high in the sky, didn't eat any breakfast, and hadn't hydrated properly. But I did my 5 miles. 66 minutes and 53 seconds later I was finished. Not my best. But at least I know I did it. Sat evening was spent with the girls- who asked me to teach them to knit! I'm a proud mama when I say that BOTH! of them learned how to knit while the 2 year olds played nicely AND they both finished their first project on Sunday. I think they've caught the bug and I'm honored to be able to share the hobby I love. Plus, I was told I'm a good teacher so warm fuzzies all around!

Sunday was shopping... we bought the aforementioned dryer (the matching one to our washer) and that will be stacked on Wednesday. We also bought a new TV. The hubs won (and secretly I'm thrilled too) and we bought a new TV that will actually have a new home in the basement. We got an amazing deal so we couldn't pass it up. We also bought a blu-ray home theater system as well so we can movie watch with surround sound! Unfortunately, the TV has already been moved to the basement so now we have to move it back upstairs so the new TV can take it's rightful place on Wednesday as well. We did, however, already set up the surround sound- as in we ran the wires through the ceiling, up the wall, etc. We did it right- and it sounds awesome!

And since today is almost over, I got my run in today as well.
A PR for me! (PR=personal record)
I busted out my 3 miles in 35 minutes and 47 seconds!
I beat my best time be over 2 minutes! and I couldn't be happier!

Have a great week! I know I started mine off right!

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