Thursday, July 1, 2010

Yesterday was about Survival

We did it. We survived the dreaded end of month, end of year yesterday. With surprisingly minor injuries. Moving on to the new year at work. Big projects, big plans, and hopefully a big rebound in the economy. (though I doubt it)

I survived W4D2, although just barely. Runs like that bring me down but I will just lace my shoes back up and keep running. 2.43 in 30 minutes. My pace had to be dropped down to 5.2 when I got an intense cramp in my right side. It was a bummer. I’m hoping the next run will be better. I’m almost halfway through the program and super proud of myself that I’m still with it. In 1 short week I’ll be transitioning to running outside. (it’s been treadmill city so far) but I know that to really prep for half marathons and 5k races, I really need to hit the pavement, or the track, or basically anything that isn’t a moving target beneath my feet. I’ve been reading a lot about it and people say that your stride and gait is highly unnatural on a treadmill. That you can be more prone to leg injuries on a treadmill- in particular shin splints- since you are hitting a moving target and your legs have to adjust to keep your balance. Maybe that is where my shin pain is coming from? Hoping to see a difference outside but I definitely don’t want to do intervals out there. I like to have the timer in front of me for those.

I survived another girls night. (not really survival but let’s just go with it) You could say I survived the swarms of teenage girls and 40+ moms in and around the theater to see Eclipse. But let’s be honest because as soon as the movie started I pretty much became one of those teenage girls again. I mean honestly. Team Jacob? Team Edward? You pretty much can’t lose there!

I survived knitting in public. For real. I took my knitting to the theater since I knew we would be waiting. (yes, I know, I was THAT girl) K-Nun was like WTF? Oh no you are not doing that. But I did. And I got about 5 rows into a new scarf that I decided to make using the leftover 2 balls of Cool Wool. I could tell a few people were just staring (like that lady next to me) but it just made me proud. I like to think that people don’t immediately think eeeew what is she doing? And rather- wow, that’s kind of neat… in a grandmother kind of way.

So now on to the survival of the rest of the week. Shouldn’t be terrible considering there is only 1.5 days left and it wraps up with a long 3 day weekend of which we have no plans. It should be fabulous.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. You knitted in line to see "Eclipse" ... You are my favorite person of the day.


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