Sunday, July 18, 2010


I think I pretty much jinx myself everytime I talk about an awesome session. Attempted to run tonight and got my butt kicked. I'll try again tomorrow but going from an awesome 25 minute run to a 10 minute run and 10 minute walk is quite a downer.

Better luck tomorrow.


At least I got some awesome running gear. Mr. Buckeye took me to The Running Spot for a shoe fitting. I got some new Adidas Supernova Glide 2 sneakers and some new socks. Followed by a trip to Dicks for a new sports bra and some running tanks. The sneakers are so light and much better than the cross trainers. I did feel a little different running in them but I'm hoping that tomorrow's run redeems me and the kicks aren't what made today not great.

In couch news, we stopped at Watson's today to find out what the eff is going on and talk to them in person. We were shown the delivery date on the computer screen- FAIL. It said 7/13. But supposedly the buyer has confirmed the container has arrived in the states and the couches are being shipped to the stores this week. We will have a phone call on Wednesday- or else- and hopefully it is good news. Mr Buckeye and I have decided that if we don't have the couch or a scheduled delivery date to our basement by next weekend, we are pulling out. Tired of playing games with these people. Lets hope for our sanity that things are actually going to work out.


  1. I hope you get back to some good running. I know exactly how you feel about furniture I am dealing with the same crap with my office furniture its been 2 weeks since I was suppose to have it.

    It seems to be one excuse after the other I am about ready to say screw it & go someplace else. I do hope you get your couch or find a better seller who can get you what you want & on time.


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