Saturday, July 24, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

That's how we spent my birthday night. I managed to stay up past midnight so I can't be THAT old right???

Mr Buckeye made reservations at Grand Finale. A favorite restaurant of some of our friends but we had never had a chance to eat there. It was delightful. It's in an old house and is decorated very vintage and fancy grandma-y. Old music and draped ceilings, fancy but not too fancy. (we wore jeans) I had an Oranj Cosmo and he had his usual Stella. For entrees I had the chicken duo (I couldn't decide between the chicken ginger and the chicken and spinach.) Both were excellent but the chicken ginger was OMG delicious! Dessert was of course, the grand finale!, and we chose the "Puff". I could go on and on about this thing. A pastry puff with vanilla ice cream, homemade fudge, whip cream, and a mix of berries- strawberries, blueberries, raspberries- Don't worry those were on the side so Mr Buckeye would be able to share the dessert with me. It was an amazing way to end the meal. Truly delightful and we will be going back again!

Apres dinner, we went to the movies. My pick of course but I went easy on him and instead of Toy Story 3D or Despicable Me, I chose something a bit more age appropriate. Inception. This movie blew my mind. The first 30 minutes he leaned over and was like... you have no clue what's going on do you? of course, I definitely didn't know what was going on. But I trooped along and finally caught up. It was a great movie! One that you need to pay attention to though. I'll not go into details but I definitely recommend this movie! I'm sure we'll see it again at some point once it's out on DVD.

As for the goods, We had gone the weekend before and picked up my running loot!

Alessa at the Glendale store fitted me with a lovely pair of Adidas Supernova Glide 2 shoes and I got some new socks. Super exciting. No really. what a change from running in 100% cotton!

The new kicks! Aren't they purty? (The Nike Pegasus were even cuter but didn't feel as great as these guys) Not sure if you can see the laces but she also taught me a lacing trick called the heel lock. I always feel like my heels are slipping out of my shoes and she said she has the same issue. Heel lock FTW!

As for running. I'm still at it. I'm in Week 7- 28 minute sessions. I finished up Week 6 strong after that really rough start last weekend. I seem to be having a good run, and okay run, and a horrible run... repeat. My run on Wednesday was great. But Thursday was an epic fail. Only 15 minutes before I literally thought my leg would fall off and I would have an accident. But I consider the 15 minutes still a win but it's still a bummer because it should have been 28 minutes. I'm still on target for the half in October but I've really got to push through these last 2 weeks and get to my distance running. It scares me half to death but I'm excited to push myself.

Speaking of distance running, I got a Nike + Sportband for the birthday as well! (Thanks Mom!)

I can't wait to take this baby outside and track my progress as I transition from treadmill to outdoor running. If I want to do the half in october, I've got to learn and train to run outside and not on the perfect temp controlled treadmill!

I think I'm still going to take today off, the leg is still a bit sore so maybe a light walk just to loosen up but I think if I try to pound out 28 minutes I'll regret it and be icing and elevating all night.

Happy Weekend everyone!

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