Saturday, July 3, 2010

Major Bummer

So that coughy thing I had going on. Well, it seems to have evolved into slightly more than I thought. So as much as it pains me, I'm not running today. I've researched and researched about running and illness and everywhere I've found says to use the "neck rule". AKA if your illness is above the neck (runny nose, head cold, etc.) then you can exercise with caution, but if it's below the neck (chest congestion, body ache, etc.) then no exercise for you! I wasn't sure about a cough, considering that is in my neck- not above or below. But I'm going with below. I don't want to go pound out a run and wheeze and get myself sicker. I'll let me body heal and then hit the ground again Monday as planned. I may try and go for a long walk tomorrow just to get back up. So while I'm dissapointed that I'm not doing my session today, I am still in the mindset that I want to do this the right way. And I had a few extra days padded in my schedule for just this reason.

It still sucks though.

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