Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The pink stuff

Yeah it pretty much saved my life yesterday. For the last 3 days or so I've had.... erm... issues. Yeah, lets just leave it at that. And I partially blame the disaster of a run on Sunday on that. So a bottle of the pink stuff later, and my hiney was on a treadmill yesterday pounding on Week 7, Day 2. I've found that cursing really helps. I'm not a runner yet. And it kills me. I did the full 25 minutes but I didn't like it.

But I'm glad I did it.

In other news, work is hellacious. I return from a long weekend (wedding recap and photos to come soon) to find 5! (are you kidding me?! 5!) people out from work. Then 3 out again today.

Hoping and praying for the week to chill out and give me a break so I can get caught up.

I want to sew tonight. Like bad.

So I'm going to.

That is all.

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