Saturday, July 17, 2010

Motivation is a Wonderful Thing

So this running thing may be taking over my life and my apologies to all those that are completely sick of me talking about it.

But really. I'm frickin' excited and I'm seeing so much progress I can hardly sit still.

For example- Thursday night was W6D3. And I killed it. 25 full minutes of running and no walking. Sure I ran at a measley 5.0 (12 minute mile) pace but I went the whole thing. Not to metniont that I did it at 10:30 at night AFTER the rehearsal dinner in Cleveland. Yes, while the rest of the bridal party was upstairs unwinding and getting showered and ready for bed, I hauled my cookies to the gym. I wasn't happy about it while I was running but it was the best feeling in the entire world.

To think that 1 month ago I could barely get through 90 seconds running in intervals and now I'm running 25 full minutes, I'm just amazed. Britt was totally right. Trust the program. It really does work.

I did reward myself today by taking the day off. Right shin is still a bit sore. But I'm blaming the long day yesterday. Up at 7 and bed around 2:30... plus on my feet all day in heels and dancing the night away didn't do much for my soreness. I'll be running my next session tomorrow and then picking back up to normal on Monday. Still on schedule for the Half Marathon in October and I'll be signing up officially next month! I was thinking in the beginning of this that maybe it was more than I could chew but my faith is renewed and if I can go from 0 to 2.1 miles in 6 weeks, Surely I can keep my motivation to go the distance!

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  1. That's awesome, Alisha! I'm impressed...the thought of running for 25 minutes makes me tired :-)


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