Monday, July 26, 2010

Where did that weekend go?

It's back to work for these buckeyes!

We had a fabulous birthday weekend. After the amazing dinner and movie on Friday night, We joined some friends for another birthday dinner at the Ranch for my fav mexican food, and then headed over to a local bar for a night out like no other. Normally there is a fabulous band playing and it's packed. Saturday? Notsomuch. There was a band. Well, if you call yourself a band are you a band? I suppose so. This band had an ipod or something hooked up that was playing all the background music. The drums weren't drums. They were digital or something- looked like straight from Rock Band or something. And I'm pretty sure the guitar player's guitar wasn't even plugged in. The best part though, were the 2 lead singers. Who danced and sang. The most hilarious choreography. It was highly entertaining. The 2 did have good voices, I do have to admit. Too bad we spent most of the time distracted by the unusualness of the whole thing.

Sunday was spent running errands! We made some progress and got new bar stools (on sale! even better!) and they look great with the bar. Also got some frosted shelves from IKEA for behind the bar and then some picture frames and shelves for the bathroom. And we found a tv stand/unit thing as well at IKEA, will probably get that this week. It might be a tad too big but luckily it's different pieces so we can do the stand and the shelf thing that goes above, without having to do the bookshelves if they are too big.

I'm on the hunt for a LARGE map of Ohio. Large like at least 24'' x 36''. 24'' x 24'' would be okay too. I want to cut it up and frame it like this great display I saw at Ethan Allen. I will find one. Or I will improvise. Either way, my project will come to fruition!

In running news, I took the weekend off. And today was fresh. I did run for 28 minutes with a 3 minute break after 20 minutes and then finished up the rest. In total 3.10 miles (a 5K!) in 39:10 including my warmup walk and walk break.

In knitting news, I have cast on yet another project. A Simple Shawl Neck Wrap in the most fabulous shade of green ever. Malabrigo Sock yarn as well. I'm in heaven.

And here is another shot of our new couch. I love it!

and apparently Chloe approves as well. She has found her spot.


  1. I love the idea of framing a map!! I saw that idea online a few weeks ago and wanted to do something similar!

  2. Keep us updated on the map framing. A craft goal of mine is a laminated dealie of the US on cork board so I can pin the cities I've had a memory at.

  3. I always say that nothing in my house is approved until the cat lays on it. Fortunately that usually takes about 5 minutes.


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