Thursday, July 8, 2010

Run for the Hills!

Sorry folks, no tutorial yet. It will come. Soon enough.

I finally got to run yesterday after being under the weather for the past 5 days. It was okay. Nothing to write home about. I couldn’t manage to make it through at my usual 5.5 pace the whole way so I slowed it down but still managed to come through at 2.38 miles. I was relieved that I only hacked a couple of times while actually running and was pleased (and completely disgusted) by what happened when I coughed as I was driving home. (Sorry, TMI!) Seems like the congestion finally got the final heave-ho with my 30 minutes on the treadmill and I was finally able to breathe a little easier. I’m sad I missed 2 days of running, but I’m glad I gave myself time to recover without completely losing motivation.

Speaking of motivation, I managed to complete my session today at work too! The new interval scared the snot right out of me. There was no way I was going to run 8 full minutes…. 2 times! But I did it! And I managed to push myself to doing it at my 5.5 pace. The first interval went oddly well. I took my towel and covered the timer. I told myself to just listen to my music, and not worry about the time. That interval had no issues. 2nd interval wasn’t as fun. Roughly 4 minutes in I started coughing and had to take a 10 second breather. But I finished strong and made up those 10 seconds at the end. I just can’t even explain the pride you feel after accomplishing something you didn’t think you could do. The feeling is just amazing. 2.46 miles in 31 minutes. Week 5 Day 2 is complete!

We will see how Day 3 goes… 20 minutes jogging- no walking!

Should I chop my legs off now since I’m sure I’ll want to after it’s over?

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  1. Get off the treadmill and onto the road!!! But still excellent job! Don't worry about the 20, the goal is to just finish it, don't worry about your timing for it. You just want to make sure you always finish long runs.


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