Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go Birdie... it's your birthday... we gonna party like...


To the women who birthed me years and years ago,

You look fabulous!

Your hair is holding up well considering how many times you could have pulled it out over the years. (and the copious amounts of peroxide over the years haven't helped either I'm sure)

You have yet to embrace the old lady fashion sense that I suspect could be right around the corner (I'll have not forgotten the sweatshirt with the ice skating penguins you wore last winter...)  though I will try my hardest to prevent you from ever wearing shoulder pads ever again.

And most importantly, you've managed to raise 2 of the most amazing, good looking, all around rock-star human beings out there.

In all seriousness though- Thanks for being an awesome mom. I know I've driven you crazy more times that I've kept you sane. But I hope you know it's all in love.

Happy Birthday!


Your One and Only-

Your sun, moon, and stars-

Your whole wide world-


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