Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Holden Shawlette

So yesterday I mentioned that over the weekend I finished not one, but TWO! shawls. Well allow me to introduce to you one of my new loves.

Reader - Meet the Holden Shawlette.

Isn't she fabulous?

This new love of mine is an original pattern written by one of my friends Mindy Wilkes! (Mindy on Ravelry) She has all these creative juices flowing and decided to spill some of them onto paper and share with us! This is her first design, and I was lucky enough to get to test it for her. I used Knitpicks Stroll Haindpainted Yarn in colorway "Dolly" and I think it complimented the pattern nicely.

The pattern is extremely well written and has the option for both charts and written instruction. I'm still somewhat of a chart n00b so I used the written version. The lace appears complicated but is surprisingly easy. She arranges basic stitches to create a gorgeous wave lace that is accented by the picot edge. I'd definitely recommend it to an adventurous beginner. This took me 2 weeks from start to finish and of course I was working on other projects as well. So even better that it's a quick knit! (Slightly dangerous too because I want one in every color now!)

In doing this pattern I learned a couple new techniques as well! I used a tab cast on method (which she explains really well... it seems odd but just go with it, it works) and the picot bind off was a new adventure for me. It is surprisingly stretchy and really compliments the waves that work their way up to the plain section. I'm not 100% sure I "enjoyed" the picot but I'm so unbelievably happy with the way that it looks it is something that I would never dream of not including it now!

I'm not sure as to when Mindy plans on releasing her pattern to the public, but rest assured I will let you know!

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  1. I had no idea what your magical, technical, knitter words meant that you used in this entry....but I sure liked the pictures and the finished product!! You so goood, girl!


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