Monday, September 13, 2010

Recap? In pieces

So I've been a terrible blogger as of late. Hopefully some of you are still checking up on me. Please say Hi so I know you're still out there :)

Friday night was a typical happy hour and dinner date. I didn't run either because the shins were still incredibly painful I decided to give it a rest yet again. Saturday was an early start to head up to CBus for the Buckeyes game. Great time tailgating with friends and seeing out of towners who made the trip in was a nice surprise. I didn't run either, but we did manage to walk roughly 4 miles and I was on my feet the entire day save for maybe an hour when I could find a chair. I wasn't worried about the not-running but I was beginning to feel lethargic. We managed to make it to CBus and back on Saturday which was awesome considering I had one of the best sleeps I've had all year Sat night. I swear it felt like I slept 12 hours when I only slept 7. It was the deepest, heaviest sleep. And it was lovely.

Sunday was the usual recover, relax, and recoup. The husband and I had a relaxing date night as well. Dinner at PF Changs (thank you Bossman for picking up our tab) followed by a movie.

We saw Takers. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't great. If anything I was too distracted and annoyed by the awful camera work and shaking screen to really get into it. I think if the camera had held still during the action scenes I would have enjoyed it more. Sure it was predictable, and it was a typical action robbery kind of movie but we still enjoyed it as a whole.

I didn't run yesterday either. Major bummer. But I still didn't feel quite up to it.

I did, however, run today. Back on schedule with 3 miles. Not my best, but it's done. It's amazing what just 5 days off does to your endurance. I took walk breaks to catch my breath. And I wasn't running any harder than normal. That's the breaks I suppose.

Off to have dinner and get my shawls soaking. Yes, I said ShawlS. As in 2. As in I finished 2 projects over the weekend and I'm super stoked. They are both lovely and amazing and I can't wait to wear them. My first (and second!) triangular shawls. A new fashion trend I'm ready to accept!

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