Monday, September 27, 2010

Weekend Wrap-Up

Well, last week was far too busy to blog. Apologies are in order. Forgive me?

Friday was spent with friends. A blast as always.
Saturday was followed up with an 8 mile run in the morning. Not my best, but not my worst. I need to psyche myself up for my 12 miles coming up this weekend. It's going to be a doozy but I'm confident I can do it. Post- run we headed downtown to watch the Buckeyes beat the snot out of Eastern Michigan. The game was terribly unnjoyable to watch so we made out way down to the Bengals Stadium- Paul Brown- to watch UC play Oklahoma. Now THAT was a game. We managed to scalp tickets for $25 a piece and watched probably one of the best games of the season. Unfortunately, the bearcats lost but it was a fantastic game to watch. Plus, Mr Buckeye had never been to PB Stadium so that was fun too. Post-game there was so much traffic that we ditched the car in the garage and went out for a drink to pass the time. Made our way home late and got to sleep in on Sunday morning.
Sunday I spent the day quilting. I would love to show you the fruits of my labor but I can't just yet. It needs to be washed but I am so super proud and absolutely in love with my project.

Back to life as usual this morning. Oh Joy.

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