Wednesday, March 28, 2012

What a Jerk

Back at it today for my last foundations class. I'll go ahead and give away the ending... I'm cleared to start classes and do the WODs. Supposedly...

I'll be the weenie in the corner with my 11lb training bar and bumpers massaging my wrist but I'll be there!

Same warmup as before
2000m row
15 air squats
15 pushups
15 situps
15 back extentions
15 banded pullups
15 pass throughs (I finally asked what they were!)

Then we went focused on 4 new exercises: The Overhead Squat, The Push Jerk, and The Power Clean/Power Clean and Jerk.

Overhead Squat
I looked totally like this... NOTSOMUCH.
I was surprised to hear that my squats are already starting to improve. Still need to work on my depth and strength but after 4 workouts I can even tell that I'm able to get a little bit lower every time. Not to mention my legs have been sore for a week but it's the best kind of sore- not painful but a little reminder that I'm kicking my own ass 3 mornings a week. The overhead squat itself was not so fun. When you have the bar overhead, your wrists are at a pretty odd angle and  my wrist pretty much checked out as soon as we added the bumpers to the bar which added a little bit of weight. At least we got my technique down with the PVC and with the bar itself.

Push Jerk

Push Jerk was similar to the strict press(shoulder press) and the push press I had learned earlier this week only with an added bend in the knee at the end. I wasn't too terrible with this one. I find that the movements with the PVC pipe are good to understand the motion- although I mirrored Seneca 3 times and then he told me to do one on my own and I literally blacked out and my brain stopped working- but not so good for control and feeling what the weight does to your balance.

Power Clean and Jerk
Lastly, the Power Clean and Jerk. (no split) I wasn't too terrible with these but need to work on the thrusting. Surprisingly this one didn't hurt the wrist too much and I got my shrugs/getting under the bar fairly easily. I dare say this one might have been enjoyable? Maybe not...

I've made it through foundations and will start with the classes on Friday. I'm not completely sure how I feel about it but Seneca has assured me that I'm ready to join the class and do workouts but to use my training bar and scale the weights to what is right for me, not anyone else. Luckily everyone has been super nice to me and if I have questions (which I'm sure I will) I am not scared or hesitant to speak up.

Wish me luck!

***UPDATE: I totally forgot, also learned Thruster

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