Friday, March 23, 2012

Thank you Sir, may I have another

I went back to Crossfit Cornerstone again at 6am this morning for my first foundations class. It's one on one to teach you the fundamentals and form for lifting. I went in knowing it would bad, but had no idea it would be as bad as it was.

We started with the warmup
2000m Rowing
15 pushups
15 situps
15 air squats
15 back extentions
15 banded pullups
15 shoulder thingys- I can't remember the name

The rowing was painless enough. Easier than Wednesday and I was told to take it easy and just wake up. It was 10 till 6 after all. Then came the pushups. My right wrist had been hurting a little since Wednesday and I attributed it to the pushups. We tried them on fists instead. My form was so terrible, I'm pretty sure I have chicken wing arms, when he got me corrected and I tried again I could barely do one. At this gym, pushups require full range of motion. You have to start in a plank position (back straight, on your toes) and go to the ground, you can go to your knees first, but you have to start and end on your toes and go chest to ground. Even if it means I faceplant. and I did. a few times. I'm decent with situps and back extentions. Enough to give me a little morale boost. But then the squats. The basic move that is essential for almost everything crossfit related. And I suck. I suck terribly. We have come to determine that I have VERY weak hamstrings and little flexibility. I'm hopeful that through the next few weeks this changes for the better.

Now the pullups. I literally had a rainbow of colored bands to help me out here. Of course, I was terrified of the bands after what happened to Brit, but I gave it a go. 4 colored bands and I was able to do the 15 very shaky, swingy, barely head above bar pullups. But they were done.

Then we moved on to lifting. We were focusing on 3 moves today. Back Squat, Strict Press, and Deadlift.

Because of the above experience with squats I knew this would be an issue. We used a box for a goal and I was to squat to the box (like you are sitting on a toilet... weird, but it's a true statement) and then stand back up. I could get down... but not back up without help. Bearing in mind I only had the 33lb bar on my shoulders I was a bit disheartened. But he focused a lot on my form (press those knees out!) and I think I did maybe 15 or 20 reps?

Strict Press: Enter shame face. Got the form down with the PVC pipe and moved to the bar. Embarrasingly I could barely do 3 presses with the bar. So he got the training bar for me. I was able to do a full set so he added on 10 more lbs. So 10 reps with 21lbs. Yes, I have no upper body strength and my elbows just don't want to stay front. This is why I'm here!

Deadlift: Again with form- I need to increase my flexibility so it feels more natural. I was encouraged because he didn't have to correct too much with this one. 15 reps with 53 lbs.

I left Crossfit today sad and happy. I'm sad because I have not conditioned myself and am incredibly out of shape. Happy because I am doing something new and trying to change my body.

My muscles are aching already and it's only been about 3 hours. I wasn't too bad yesterday- it was a good sore, not a painful sore. Thought I'm pretty sure after this session I'll be more towards the painful end. Lots of new skills and muscle groups worked. My left bicep keeps twitching and is the most achy- and my right wrist is sore too. But I know it's because I worked hard and my body is responding.

I'll see Seneca back on Monday at 6am for foundations 2!

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