Wednesday, March 21, 2012

First day at Crossfit

Well, I embraced the suck.

And came out pretty darn humble.

I sleepily got out of bed this morning and drove to my new gym. I was scared and intimidated but as soon as I walked through the door like a lost puppy, my trainer walked right up to me and said hey and introduced himself. I was training with Brandon, a former strongman competitor. Intimidation factor... up again. We wasted no time and he asked me if I was ready to go through a workout.

I had no idea how bad I would suck. But it's okay. Everyone has a day one, and they all reminded me of it.

My warmup consisted of: (I may have the 15's and 20's mixed up but you get the idea)
1200m rowing 20 pushups
20 situps
15 air squats
15 back extentions
15 shoulder extenders? I can't remember what they were called, they stretch out your shoulders and help flexibility, but it didn't matter anyway because after about 8 of them I had to run outside and dry heave...

Dry heaving after a warmup... lovely. I was so embarrassed but he kept telling me it happens to everyone.

Then we were getting set for my WOD. (Workout of the Day). It was an intro WOD -a modified Half Cindy, for those of you crossfitters.

10:00 Minutes
5 jumping pull ups
10 air squats
15 cal on the rowing machine
AMRAP (As many reps as possible)

I got through 2 reps and thought there was no way I could do more... but I kept on. Brandon was right there counting each one out and keeping me up with my time. I finished 3 reps and up to 14 calories on the machine. If I would have had 1 second longer I could have finished that last row to give me 4 full reps.
That rowing machine and I are on bad terms. It pretty much gave me a big F-U at the end.

After some stretching and catching my breath, we chatted for a little bit about the program and what I thought. In all reality, I feel like that was the hardest workout I've ever done and in total I was probably only really exercising for about 40 minutes. I hate that my upper body strength is non-existent and it makes me angry that I'm so weak. I want to be strong. I don't care about the scale, I want to FEEL better. I even told him that I want to be able to carry the kitty litter without having a hernia. I'm all about the comic relief. But it's true.

I've decided to move forward with the foundations sessions (3 one on one sessions to teach form and movements for lifting) and I will be going back bright and early at 6am on Friday.

My body feels like Jello but I'm sitting here a little bit taller and my back a little bit straighter.

Now excuse me while I finish my protein shake and go sit in a tub of ice.


  1. SO AWESOME! Congrats on finishing your first CrossFit!! Now the real fun begins.

    I'm pleased to see you embraced the suck, even if that involved dry heaving.

    It's fun though right? Hard but fun!

  2. Congratulations - great workout and terrific attitude! I always feel like I did not try hard enough if I do not puke during exercise. Don't you wish all that darn knitting we do would help with the arm flab?!

  3. Oh..the pain..the burn...try throwing in "jump roping" to break up the insanity..seriously are AMAZING!

  4. Omg totally impressed! Way to go!


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