Thursday, March 8, 2012


You know I love to knit right? Hopefully the answer to that is YES!

Did you know that every month there is a full moon that has a name? (in some months there are 2 full moons, where the second is what we refer to as the Blue Moon)

Mindy, my awesome designer friend, thought of an awesome idea and I'm thrilled to be able to help her out in executing her Moon Series! Each month, she is releasing a shawl pattern inspired by the moon of that month. I've been fortunate enough to be able to do the first 3 and am so excited for the rest in the series.

January was the Wolf Moon.
A chunky thick warm shawl that is possible the coziest thing I have ever knit.
February was the Snow Moon.
A lovely lightweight lace shawl worked from the bottom up.

And tonight is the March Full Moon, the Sap Moon
A casual shawl with a bit of girlie flair with a ruffle. No lace and some fun stripes to mix it up.

All of Mindy's patterns are available on Ravelry at her designer page.

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