Friday, March 30, 2012


My first crossfit workout was a beast. A beast named FRANK

I had made the decision to go to the 7:00 class, for 2 reasons.
1. 6am was rough enough but 5am just wasn't going to happen
2. The 7am is a new class and not many people go so I figured I'd have more coaching available if I needed it. (I was right- there were 2 of us, I didn't need to extra coaching though since the workout was just one terrible horrible no good very bad sack of crap.

Normal warmup- only 1200m instead of 2000m rowing. I also grabbed my own bands for my pullups. Mistakenly grabbed the green band instead of yellow band and it worked to my favor. Usually I'm struggling to do them in sets of 5 and I whipped out 11 before i was feeling some burning. I'll know for next time.

*Note- after my workout, there was a new guy giving it a try. He actually said something to me about my pullups. I guess he was doing the jumping pullups with Seneca and said something along the lines of he was impressed and thinking he couldn't believe he was getting smoked by a girl. (that I wasn't using a box and jumping) I told him he was kind but that I was using bands that could literally slingshot him through the roof. Even still, it brightened me up a little bit that someone thought I was kicking ass.

Post warmup we did an extended warm up.
2 rounds of:
10 T2B (Toes to bar... in my case it was chest to knee)
20 deliberate mobility squats (slow, making sure knees are pressed out and getting as much depth as possible)
30 jumping jacks

Chest to Bar was not as easy as I thought it would be. I had to chalk my hands since they kept slipping and need to keep my core tight- they will get better. Squats as per usual, I'm getting stronger in my legs and I can feel it. I think my depth is about parallel now when just last week I couldn't even dip that low. Progress! Jumping Jacks were not an issue- I know how to do those.

We took a small break and chatted about various things until it was time for the WOD.

Frank is my new worst enemy.

First of all I've never done a burpee before. If I ever felt uncoordinated or weak in any other exercise, multiply that by 50 and you'll get what I felt doing a burpee.This is the proper way to do a burpee:

Mine looked pretty much nothing like that. Think more along the lines of fall to your knees, slam your chest to the ground, peel yourself off the floor, and hop slightly while flailing arms above your head. They were ugly. and they were hard. I think it took me the same amount of time to do the last 15 as it did to do the first 35. When I finally finished, my trainers told me I did I good job- that Frank was a rough one for a first time, I asked if I could go write my name up on the board. They said of course, I could if I wanted to and HELL YES! I WANTED TO! I may have had the slowest time up there but I did my WOD and was proud to finish!

Those other times are the 5am hardcore Crossfitters and someday my times will be closer to theirs.
But even if it took me 20 minutes, my time would still be up there.
Because I fought Frank today, and I WON.

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