Monday, March 26, 2012

Good Morning Week!

Back at the gym at 6 this morning. It's still a pain getting out of bed but once I'm up, I'm good.

I've figured out that as long as I don't eat in the AM before going, no heaves for me!

Same warmup this morning
2000m Row
15 air squats
15 pushups
15 situps
15 back extentions
15 banded pull ups
15 shoulder thingys

Today I learned 4 more exercises.
Front Squat
Push Press
Kettlebell Swings
Clean High Pull
My wrist was really not feeling great today so most was done with the training bar. I did a few reps with the heavier bar so that I could feel the weight and adjust my body form. I practiced my squats over the last couple of days and tried to keep form as I would sit in a chair or couch,etc. I really want to do those right and work my muscles so that I can improve my depth and flexibility. I definitely felt a little better about them today but I know I've got lots of work to do.

I was so looking forward to kettlebell swings. I always thought they looked like fun and that I'd be able to do them no problem. Luckily I flubbed that one up too. My first swing sent the kettlebell flying over my head and launching me backwards. Humble pie- taken. They are a lot harder than they look! at least for me. I worked to get the concept of thrusting my hips to help me shoot it in the air. By my last set, I had improved greatly.

Unfortunately for my front squat and push press my wrist was hurting so terribly it was hard to keep any sort of form because of the angle it was putting my wrist. When we had wrapped up, Dr. Ryan (the owner) was walking by and Seneca asked him to take a look at my wrist. He's a chiropractor so he started working my wrist and asking about work and where and when I have the pain. Asked me if I type at a computer a lot (yes) and I also told him I'm a knitter. He said I was really tight and because I'm almost constantly in one position I don't have the strength and flexibility to be able to flex my wrist the way I need to. He adjusted me- gross, there was pulling and popping and snapping- and said I need to work on my forarm strength and mobility in my wrist. Kettlebell corkscrews and rolling a weighted dowel should help. I was told to ice when I got home and do that off and on for the next couple of days. It sucks that I feel like I failed and got hurt when in reality I know this is going to get better if I work at it. Being able to flex my wrists that way is essential for many crossfit exercises so I've got to get stronger and more flexible. And I will.

Those new shoes up there? Yeah, they are my new crossfit shoes. Nike Free XT Quick found at the outlet store marked down to like $30. Score!

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  1. I hate Kettlebell. We have an all KB WOD on Sundays that I used to attend but I just hate it. And yea, popping with your hips takes practice. Especially when you get into Snatches!!


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