Friday, January 21, 2011

Me against the snapper

So the big snowstorm that cut a hole in our staff meeting plans did come as expected. I got to work remotely on Thursday which was a good thing considering we got approximately 5 inches of snow and the commute would have been brutal.

Of course, the Mr. was out of town and I wanted to do something good so I decided to tackle the driveway. We do have a snowblower after all!

Only the snowblower did not agree with my plan for a quick and speedy task. I put gas in it, primed it, moved the choke, and pulled... and pulled... and pulled. For 20 minutes and the damn thing just would not start. At that point the neighbor got home and came over to help. He took the spark plug out and cleaned it... nothing, pulled and pulled... nothing. Then he checked the gas tank. Apparently my depth perception sucks because I ended up pouring almost the whole gas container into it. Then he pulled again... started! And then stopped. He ended up getting it started for me and I went on my merry way.

Time to start the snowblower- almost 40 minutes
Time to plow the driveway- Maybe 15 minutes?

It was me against the Snapper and I totally won.

Only now this morning I wake up to an aching back and a right arm that literally wants to fall off my body.

Touche Snapper- you won.

Pretty snow, sparkles like diamonds


Sidenote: It's official, I am totally out of shape and must get body to the gym and on a machine ASAP!

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