Wednesday, January 26, 2011

It's Skyline Time

So Lizzie asked a question I deem worthy enough for a post.

"What is Skyline?"

Allow me to enlighten you.

Skyline is the best Cincinnati Chili ever. Better than Goldstar, better than Empress, just the best. And no one can tell me any different. Chili is an art and Skyline is like Michelangelo... okay that is taking it to an extreme. But seriously? Ask me my favorite food and I will tell you Skyline.

I worked at Skyline while in high school and ate it multiple times a week. It's pretty much a part of my DNA by now I'm sure. Whenever Mr Buckeye is gone for a trip or anything it is one of my go-to meals because he just can't stand it and wouldn't touch it with a 10 ft. pole. So I take advantage!

Now let me educate you on the chili because it's probably not what you think. In my opinion there are 2 kinds of chili.

Texas Chili- lots of meat, lots of spices, beans, jalepapenos, thick and chunky and best served with cheddar and crackers.

Cincinnati Chili- My kind of chili, meat, spices (secret recipe including Cocoa!) and not thick. Best served over a plate of spaghetti with a heaping mound of cheddar cheese. (aka the 3-way)

Now Skyline has options- you've got the 3way, 4way (beans or onions), 5way(both onions and beans), chili spaghetti, cheese coney, coney, chilli cheese sandwich, and it goes on and on. Of course nothing is quite the same as getting it from the restaurant, but it is sold in cans at the grocery so that was my method last night.

I indulged in a cheese coney (hot dog, mustard, chili, onion, cheese) and a 4way onion (spaghetti, chili, onion, cheese) I must tell you it was delightful and I have enough for leftovers which I'll probably have again tomorrow.

both images via
Seriously- I'm already hungry again just looking at it.

If you ever visit Cincinnati you must give it a try!

Any other Questions?

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  1. I am quite disturbed that you are married to a man that hates Skyline. I pretty much force-fed Adam for his first few experiences at Skyline to make sure he eventually liked it. (hehe, only kidding....ok, kinda serious)

    Being away, I have to settle for canned or frozen and it's a must-stop place when I come to town. Rub it's just right down the street for you....


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