Friday, January 14, 2011

Fill in the Blank Friday!

1. I feel happy when I can knit in peace and quiet, or have date night with the Mr., or have game night with friends. Feeling happy is a natural part of my every day. (Usually).

2. I get silly when I'm tired. It happens often actually.
3. Something that makes me sad is when I hear about the people I love and care about having hard times or issues.

4. Something that makes me annoyed is People who chew with their mouth open. Whether it is gum or candy or dinner. Chew with your mouth closed... unless of course you are a horse.

5. A time that I've been truly surprised was when the Mr. surprised me in college and gave me a car stereo for our anniversary. He rode with his roommate, located my car while at work (I worked in a HUGE outdoor mall so it was a tough one), had gotten the spare key from my parents, swapped the cars, took mine to have the stereo installed, took a photo while at the store of him holding a sign and printed it out, returned the car with the photo taped to my new system, and didn't say a word till I called him completely surprised!!! He is sneaky, that one!

6. I am so thankful for Mr. Buckeye. He is one in a million and I'm so glad that I found him and that he picked me! He loves me despite all my dramatic tendancies and makes me laugh every single day. I'm truly blessed.

7. I feel loved when I can be around my family and friends. We don't even have to do anything, just being together and a rousing game of Catch Phrase or Phase 10 to bring us all together.

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