Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Busy Busy

Oy- I just realised it was Wednesday and I had yet to blog this week. That just goes to show how busy it has been!

The weekend was fairly productive, got some quality friend time in, lots of knitting, and a bit of relaxing for good measure.

The one thing that was missing was a trip to the gym and/or a run outside.

The motivation that captured me last year has been aggrivatingly absent since the marathon last October.

I had- strike that- HAVE a goal to run in 2 half marathons this year. The first of which I wanted to be the Flying Pig in Cinci in May. I'm now less than 15 weeks out and I am not sure that will be enough time to get conditioned.

We are expecting to get a whopping 4-6 inches of snow tomorrow so no commute for this gal. I may however try to haul my cookies to the gym for an early morning run or a lunchtime run. Not that I expect much, but to even get a mile in would be an improvement. Who am I kidding? Making it to the lobby of the gym would be an improvement!

I'm terribly exhausted today after a very productive meeting that went all day long so now I'm hunkering down on the couch in my snuggie ready to watch American Idol.

This should be interesting.

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