Thursday, October 14, 2010

Last Run

Well, yesterday I decided to go forward with my plans for a 5k. My last run before the big day.

It was... an experience.

I picked K up after work and we drove to the happy place. Have I shown you the happy place?

Here it is. It really is a happy place. Except for yesterday.

While driving to the happy place, we got a phone call from Mr. Buckeye with a warning that we were going to get wet. Yeah, a little water won't hurt us, so we continued on. Starting off, sure it was sprinkling but we figured we drove all the way out there and come rain or shine we had to do what we needed to do.

The happy place? Not so happy.

This picture was taken approximately .75 miles into running, approximately 10 minutes before the monsoon came. I've never seen so much rain in my life. But we were already out a mile and a half and had no choice but to keep going. That is, until we literally couldn't see. I was guarding my phone, trying to see, and K was trying to hold her pants up that were now soaked to the bone and incredibly heavy. We laughed it off and decided to walk the mile back to the car.

And wouldn't you know... as we got about a quarter mile from the car... it stopped raining. But just long enough for us to drive down the road into the second downpour that was coming our way.

It's a bummer that my last run didn't go so well, but I've got high spirirts and find it rather funny.

Now the leg needs rest. It's slightly worrying me that it doesn't feel better and I feel as though I'm walking with a gimp but the run wasn't too bad. Walking hurts more than running oddly enough.

less than 3 days till go time!

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