Tuesday, October 12, 2010

5k and a FO!

I packed my gym bag and had planned to run 5k during lunch. I ALMOST succeeded. I packed everything except my sportband and the treadmill decided to crap out on me 2.5 miles in. Literally. It just stopped working. Luckily it came back on and I was able to finish my 5k though I have no idea the time and can't log it on Nike+. Bummer. I did have to walk about .25 miles. The hip/thigh is still out of whack and I'm hoping that taking it easy this week along with some ice and stretching will set me up for success on Sunday.

Knit night resulted in an FO! (That's finished object for you non-knitter folk) The socks I cast on back in April are now on my feet keeping my toes toasty! Too bad it's still around 70* out right now so wool socks are a bit much. But they are finished and woven in and I'm a happy girl.

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